Self Managed Superannuation Funds

We cover all aspects of setting up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF).  If you are thinking about:

  • Advice & structure options

  • If a SMSF is appropriate for you

  • Are they really worth it?

  • What about my existing super - Do I lose benefits if I roll over?

  • Investment strategy - What is it?

  • Could I lose my insurance if I rollover to a SMSF?

  • As trustee of a SMSF, what are my responsibilities?

  • Do I need taxation registrations?

  • Can I really do it myself?


    These questions are answered in our meeting.  Our SMSF service packages everything up into one fee and covers all requirements set by the ATO. 


    Annually we prepare the financial statements, Income Tax Returns, ensuring compliance with all Superannuation Laws and organising the annual audit.


    We will monitor your Superannuation Fund on a regular basis and discuss your tax planning options and are always available for any queries you may have throughout the year.


    If you are approaching or in retirement, getting the right advice in relation to establishing tax free income streams is critical, which can all be done via a SMSF.

Get the right SMSF advice for YOU