The right property advice

Did you know that you don't need a licence to provide property advice? AND by law, property is not a financial product;

AND you have very little consumer protection if you have received the wrong advice?

Property advice is not covered by consumer laws like superannuation products or share advice. 

Get the right advice:

  • Before you buy property and engage with agents

  • Engage qualified and experienced valuers or agents - we can refer you to people we know and trust

  • When cash flow is a big concern

  • If you're worried if CGT will leave a big hole in your finances

  • When structuring ownership to minimise risk and taxes

  • If you are not clear on land taxes

  • When you need to calculate yields and returns on your investment

  • If you are wondering if property is the only solution

Property is a great investment when you do it right.  Call us NOW on 3256 0822